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1941, 3 Altstadt

Eleven year-old Pauline H. reports the neighbours for listening to enemy radio. One victim of the denunciation, Josefa F., was sentenced to one year in prison.

Pauline H., 11 years old, heard radio reports of Wehrmacht losses that were apparently being broadcast by a foreign station coming from the neighbour’s home. She knew that it was forbidden to listen to foreign radio stations and told her parents about it. Her father went with her to the Gestapo, reported everything and recommended that they interrogate his daughter. This took place the same day.

The neighbours, Johann M. and his partner, Josefa F., were put under surveillance by the Gestapo for two days and on the 24th of September 1941 they were arrested. They denied the allegations but were held as “police detainees”. A few days later, on the 29th of September 1941, M., suffering from tuberculosis of the lungs, attempted suicide by cutting his wrist with a shard of glass. After that his partner admitted listening frequently to the London station. She took the whole blame on herself – claiming M. continually tried to prevent her. Johann M. then went along with her story and was acquitted because it was not possible to show intent, and thus guilt, on his part. On the 18th of December 1941 Josefa F. was sentenced to one year in prison.