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1941 – 1945, 18 Rudolfstraße

As head of the Department of Labour Deployment, Franz Tschaff also filled work orders for slave labourers. The city’s Department of Public Works used concentration camp prisoners to build air raid shelters.

In 1941 the Department of Labour Deployment was formed within the City of Linz Department of Public Works. It was headed by Franz Tschaff who was born locally in 1897 in Urfahr. As a member of the Styrian Heimatschutz [Homeland Security] Tschaff took part in the Heimwehr putsch in Graz in 1931. As an employee of the Department of Bridges in Linz he took an important role in the building of the Nibelungen Bridge – he was responsible for equipment and material procurement. According to an audit report, as head of the Department of Labour Deployment in the Department of Public Works Tschaff was responsible for “work relating to the rebuilding of the city”.

In 1942 he organised the employment of 12,000 foreign workers on City of Linz building projects. How many of these were slave labourers and how many “foreign workers”, people who voluntarily worked in the German Reich expecting good wages, is difficult to establish now.

In addition, from September 1944 on Tschaff worked for “Organisation Todt” which was controlled by Albert Speer. This was a work force organised on military lines consisting of voluntary civilian workers, slave labourers, prisoners of war and, later, prisoners from concentration camps. Tschaff died in the last big air raid on Linz on the 25th of April 1945.