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1938 – 1942, 6-8 Rudolfstraße

The property of the M. family is “Aryanised” and taken over by Franz Peterseil, the district inspector of the NSDAP. He was the M.’s former chauffeur. 99 year-old Leopold M. is deported to Theresienstadt.

The Mostny brothers’ business was regarded as the biggest Jewish company in Linz. The confiscation of their property was staged, in detail, by the Nazis. In May 1938 the SA confiscated the family villa at 4 Ferihumerstraße. The following year a tax investigation was started against Erich Mostny. He was brought back to Linz from Buchenwald concentration camp, where he had been interned on the 11th of February 1939, specially for the proceedings.

There he was interrogated and the family’s entire assets were confiscated by the local authorities under a “hostile to the state and party” provision. Thereafter there were heated disputes among “party comrades” as to who should be the “Aryaniser” of the Mostny properties. In the end it was Franz Peterseil, an SA thug from the early days, who triumphed. He had been employed by Mostny as a chauffeur and saw this takeover of the business as his personal revenge.

Leopold Mostny, Erich Mostny’s father, had been a German nationalist representative in the district council in Urfahr for 25 years and was initially protected from persecution by Gauleiter Eigruber. However, in 1942, while Eigruber was absent from Linz, he was deported, at the age of 99, to Theresienstadt where he died a few days later (6th of October 1942). He is the oldest of over 200 Shoah victims from Linz.