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9.3.1942, 26 Schillerstraße

In the “Zum Waldhorn” pub Eleonore B. shouts angrily: “Because of that fucking Führer we don’t have any bread”. Men at the regulars’ table report her. She is sentenced to 14 months imprisonment.

1942 - Eleonore B. was 20 years old and for the two previous years her husband had been in the war. In November 1941 she was placed under police detention for prohibited contact with a French prisoner of war.

A few months later, in March 1942, there was an argument with guests in the inn “Zum Waldhorn” which belonged to her grandparents. In a scuffle, the men at the regulars’ table tried to throw two Italian civilian workers out of the inn. B. was friends with them and took their side. During the dispute she called out: “Because of that fucking Führer we don’t have any bread”.

Five days later she was reported to the Linz Gestapo by a local NSDAP leader. She was sentenced to 14 months under a law against “malicious statements”. Above all, the trial centred on her defence of the Italians. The behaviour was said to be “unworthy of a German woman”. Witnesses of the incident also referred to B.’s “intimate intercourse” with foreigners and to her “living in too close a proximity to foreign nationals”, even though contact with civilian workers – in contrast to prisoners of war or forced labourers – was not prohibited.

After her release Eleonore B. worked as a crane driver at the Hermann Göring Works and after the war she left Linz, probably for the South of France.