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7.9.1941, Volksgarten

Franz M. is sentenced to one year in prison for making sexual advances to a soldier. After that he is transferred to Dachau and murdered in Majdanek in 1944.

Franz M., who had already been sentenced to an eight month prison sentence for “unnatural” sexual practices in 1939, began a conversation with a young soldier in the Volksgarten. During the ensuing talk he attempted to touch him. The soldier made a statement to the effect that M. had touched him indecently. As a result M. was beaten up by the soldier in question and another one. He was then taken by them to the police station. From there he was taken to a hospital with a bleeding wound to the head, a badly swollen eye and loose teeth. He could only be questioned after four days.

M. was sentenced to one year in prison on the 23rd of October 1941. After completing his one-year sentence in Garsten and Göllersdorf in October 1942, he was transferred to Dachau as a “security prisoner”. His was certainly not an isolated case – many homosexuals were not released after they had completed their prison sentences but instead transferred to concentration camps. On the

11th of January 1944 M. was taken to Majdanek extermination camp with an invalid transport and murdered.