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1938 – 1945, 18 Volksgartenstraße

The Nazi Women’s League in the Oberdonau region has a membership of 83,000. Maria Sch., head of the Nazi Women’s League and member of the NSDAP from 1932, is sentenced to three years in prison in 1948.

Just a few weeks after the “Anschluss” female Nazis in Upper Austria began to seek support amongst women. In order to build up the Nazi Women’s League in the Upper Danube region rallies and women’s meetings were held on the “duties of the German woman in the new Reich”. In October Maria Schicho, member of the NSDAP since 1932, was appointed director of the regional women’s league by Gauleiter Eigruber. In December 1938 the Oberdonau regional branch of the Nazi Women’s League/Oberdonau German Women’s Association already had 83,000 members.

The aim of the Nazi women’s organisations was the education of women and girls according to the Nazi image of a woman. Above all, this meant educating them to become mothers. In addition, women’s organisations organised training in “the health of the nation”, “race policies”, home economics courses and social evenings.

After the outbreak of the war, Nazi women were assigned the task of securing the “home front”. To that end they collected donations for soldiers at the front, replaced men in the armaments industry and, towards the end of the war, were increasingly used as auxiliary personnel in the army and in anti-aircraft batteries. But it was not only the Upper Danube region which produced numerous enthusiastic women supporters of Nazi ideology.