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19.3.1938, 16 Hauptstraße

Alexander, Eduard and Friederike Spitz, owners of the wine merchant’s business of Ferihumer, commit suicide. During this period other Jewish people also see suicide as the only way out.

In the weeks after the “Anschluss”, numerous desperate Jews committed suicide. For example, the brothers Alexander and Eduard Spitz who ran the wine merchant’s shop in Urfahr (16 Hauptstraße) saw suicide as the only possibility of avoiding the horrors of arbitrary violence, expropriation and the deprivation of rights. They hanged themselves along with their mother, Friederike Spitz, in their home on the 19th of March 1938. Max E., Gisela M., Adolf M., Bernhard P., Jakob T. and Robert W. also saw suicide as the only way out.

Simon Wiesenthal also reports the case of the Hungarian citizen of Jewish origins, Max Farago. “An illegal [Nazi] by the name of Johann A. threatened Farago continuously. The latter was convicted on the 13th of April 1934 of issuing dangerous threats and sentenced to one month hard labour and a one day of fasting. After Austria was occupied, A. went to see Max Farago and since he was not able to flee, he hanged himself out of desperation”.