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1936 – 1938, 21 Gesellenhausstraße

Stefan Sch. is a fanatical Nazi right from the outset, and responsible for the production and distribution of the banned, anti-Semitic Nazi smearsheet “Der Österreichische Beobachter” before the “Anschluss”.

Even in his youth Stefan Schachermayr was a fanatical Nazi who had been sentenced four times for illegal NSDAP activity. In 1936 he was entrusted with the organisation, production and distribution of the “Österreichische Beobachter” by the then illegal Gauleiter Eigruber.

“Der Österreichische Beobachter” was the most important Nazi newspaper during the period when the NSDAP was banned in Austria. It was infamous for its aggressively anti-Semitic editorial policy. Thus people who did their shopping in Jewish businesses were named in a special column (“Der Juden-Pranger [The Jewish Pillory]”).

After the “Anschluss”, in honour of Schachermayr’s services, a street in Braunau was named after him and he was promoted to Gauinspektor [provincial inspector]. He was also made a member of the regional court. After the war Schachermayr spent three years in jail and from 1949 was active in building up the Upper Austrian Verband der Unabhängigen, the precursor to the Freedom Party of Austria. He also gave support to imprisoned “comrades”. A trial in which he was accused of being involved in organising the murder of handicapped people in Schloss Hartheim ended in 1971 without producing any results.

In 2005, at the age of 93, he stated in the newspaper “Oberösterreichische Rundschau”: “I was a convinced Nazi and still am, even today. Nothing can be proved against us apart from that Jewish thing. Only good things happened”.