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1938 – 1945, 13 Langgasse

In the Gestapo headquarters thousands of opponents of the Nazi regime are brutally tortured. Franz Stangl’s career begins here. He will later organise mass murders in the Sobibor and Treblinka extermination camps.

The Gestapo was one of the central institutions of the National Socialist regime used to persecute and intimidate political opposition and a critical element in the expulsion and extermination of the Jewish population. Many people did not survive the Gestapo’s brutal methods of interrogation.

A well-known Nazi thug used his work in the “Judenreferat” [Department of Jews] in the Linz Gestapo as a springboard to a career: Franz Stangl, born in Altmünster in 1908, master weaver by trade, applied to the police in 1931, joined the NSDAP in March 1938 and from 1940 on was a reliable enforcer of the “Aktion T4”: As administrative and office manager of the Nazi facility in Hartheim, he was responsible for the murder of people classified as mentally or physically handicapped.

In March 1942, as part of “Operation Reinhardt”, Stangl was entrusted with building and running the extermination camp at Sobibor. By the time he was transferred to Treblinka in September 1942 around 100,000 Jews had been killed. After his arrival in Treblinka, the largest Nazi extermination camp in German-occupied Poland, Stangl proved to be a “perfect organiser” of mass murder here too.