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September 1938, 12 Museumstraße

Franziska K. is denounced by her neighbour. The possession of nude photographs is decisive for her conviction as a homosexual: she serves 4 months “intensified” imprisonment.

In 1938 Theresia P. reported her neighbour, the divorced labourer Franziska K., for saying things that could be interpreted as referring to her “lesbian desires” and as being sexually pestering to Theresia P. Franziska K. had already been convicted twice for “unnatural sexual practices”. She denied everything and stated that she did not engage in relationships with people of the same sex. The accusation was an act of revenge because of neighbourhood conflicts.

However, the court assessed the neighbour as the more credible of the two, especially considering that nude photos of women had been found in K.’s home. These were treated as proof of the “desire”. On the 15th of September 1938 Franziska K., 37 years-old, mother of three children between the ages of 5 and 14, was sentenced to four months “intensified” incarceration for “attempting to encourage the crime of unnatural sexual practices”.

The persecution of female homosexuality during the Nazi period played a minor role compared to the persecution of male homosexuals. Thus in the provincial court in Linz there were only 3 women prosecuted for homosexuality compared with 289 men.