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April 1944, 12 Museumstraße

Anna H. insults Hitler and blaims him for the war. She is sentenced to 3 years imprisonment in Linz. The Reich Court in Berlin increases the sentence to 5 years.

Anna H. was caretaker in a house in Dinghoferstraße and denounced by a number of tenants. She was alleged to have insulted Hitler in her own apartment in May 1943 when she was given a picture of Hitler for her apartment by one of the witnesses. “Hitler, that homosexual, that con man, that scoundrel, he is to blame for all this . . . The dog is to blame for everything: that war broke out is his fault too. We’ll all be ruined if it goes on much longer”. A few days later she called German news reports “lies”. In addition, and this seems to be the real reason for the heavy sentence, she said she was ashamed to be a German woman and that she was going to “look around for a foreigner” because “most of the Germans get killed”.

Because of the laws against treachery, jokes or even unguarded comments – even when drunk – could lead to severe punishment and even a death sentence. This presented the opportunity for “settling accounts” through denunciation. For example, in her statement to the Gestapo, Anna H. said that she had fallen out a long time ago with the neighbour who had reported her. Therefore, the accusation was invented and the report was only made out of spite.