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1941 – 1945, 14 Museumstraße

Stolen art forms the basis for a new art museum planned by Hitler. Heinrich J. Sch., Head of the Department of Art History at the Landesmuseum [Provincial Museum], is active in building up the collection.

As head of the Department of Art History at the Upper Austrian Landesmuseum, art historian Heinrich Justus Sch. was a central figure in local Nazi cultural politics as well as in wider circles. His status as a member of the staff of the “special mission Linz”, the European wide looting of art works to fill the planned “Führer Museum”, saved him from military service and brought him into close contact with the elite of the Third Reich.

After 1945 Sch. pointed to his “apolitical” position as an art historian and appealed against a decision to register him as a Nazi, saying he was denied promotion in 1938 and helped people who were racially and politically persecuted. He also added that he was never a member of the NSDAP and at public ceremonies and festivities he simply wore a borrowed party emblem in order not to cause annoyance. His deposition was substantiated by a declaration of support from Mayor Koref. His objection to the registration was allowed even though his allegation that his career suffered under the Nazis was, considering the offices he held, more than doubtful.

In 1949 Sch. resigned as deputy director of the Upper Austrian Landesmuseum and in 1952 became an art consultant for the City of Linz. Later he had an important influence in establishing the school of art in Linz.