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13.3.1938, Donaulände/ 6 Zollamtstraße

After the “Anschluss” Jewish people are violently attacked. In Café Olympia Ernst S. is mistreated and then arrested to the accompaniment of applause from a large crowd.

The open terrorisation of Jewish people began immediately after the 12th of March. Thus on the 15th of March 1938 the “Arbeitersturm” wrote: “It caused a great stir when the SS raiding party … hunting for traitors to the German people in the over-crowded cafés, was able to drag the infamous communist leader S. away from his relaxed game of cards in Café Olympia, to the applause of a huge crowd, and send him off to prison. As this shabby little Jew … waddled alongside the stalwart SS comrade Grafeneder … , he was the target of much jeering and laughter from the many thousands who expressed their joy at the arrest of this traitor to the German people in spirited shouting”.

Even before the “Anschluss”, the Nazis had compiled lists of Jewish shops and businesses. There were assaults and confiscations which were not authorised by the Nazi leadership - the “wild Aryanisations”. On the 19th of March the “Representative of the Führer for the Plebiscite in Austria”, Josef Bürckel, made an appeal in the “Tages-Post” in which he condemned the actions as illegal and threatened severe penalties. “Aryanisation” was to follow a bureaucratic system laid down by the new rulers and under the direct influence of the NSDAP.