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1944 – 1945, 40 Kaplanhofstraße

Regular transports of political opponents leave Kaplanhof Women’s Prison for various concentration camps such as Ravensbrück.

After their arrest, opponents of National Socialism in the Gau Oberdonau [Upper Danube region] were usually brought to Linz. There they were held in custody in the prison on Mozartstraße, in the provincial court or in the district prison in Urfahr. By January 1944 at the latest, there was also a functioning prison barracks for women on the grounds of the former Kaplanhof estate. Here, in addition to political opponents, women of various nationalities – Russian, Ukrainian, Greeks, French and others – were housed and used as slave labour.

Women who had been arrested as political opponents were usually here only for a few weeks, although some were transferred to Mauthausen for interrogation. They were shown prisoners being mistreated and the gas chambers there in order to intimidate them. Transports regularly left the women’s prisons for various concentration camps, especially the women’s camp at Ravensbrück.

On the 31st of March 1945 the site was hit by a bomb. Imprisoned women were not allowed to take cover in shelters during air raids. After the bomb struck the building caught fire and the SS shot any prisoners trying to save themselves. More than half of the approx. 160 women who were in custody at this point were shot, killed by falling masonry or died in the fire.