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27.4.1945, Siemensstraße

Gisela T. is arrested in 1944 as a member of the communist resistance. A few days before the end of the war she is shot here in the Schörgenhub “work re-education camp”.

Gisela Taurer was born in 1917 in Carinthia as the daughter of a railway worker. In 1935 her father was transferred to Linz for being “politically unreliable”. At the age of 20 the young communist wanted to go to Spain in order to join the international brigade. Since she was not able cross the French-Spanish border, Taurer returned to Linz in 1938.

She worked as a cashier in the central station in Linz and joined the communist resistance cells associated with Josef Teufl. In 1944 Gisela Taurer married Josef Tschofenig in the registry office in Dachau concentration camp where he had been interned since 1940. She herself was arrested a few months later for subversive political activity and imprisoned in Kaplanhof women’s prison. She survived the bombing there on the 31st of March and was then transferred to the Schörgenhub Gestapo work re­education camp.

There, on the 27th of April Tschofenig-Taurer was taken from the barracks along with a woman from Wels and shot. According to a fellow prisoner the prison guard wore Gisela Tschofenig-Taurer’s shoes the following day. One week later Schörgenhub camp was liberated by American troops. In 2006 the City of Linz paid tribute to the resistance fighter by naming a street in the Ebelsberg district after her.