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1938, 545-549 Wiener Straße

Units of the SS “Death’s Head” regiments used to guard the Mauthausen concentration camp are housed in the newly-built barracks. From 1940 on it will serve as a transit camp and after 1945 as camp “Star of David” for Jewish DPs.

In October 1938, the grounds of the “Mayr zu Reith” farm were seized in order to build an SS barracks. The plans foresaw a barracks with 40 company buildings with housing for up to 6,000 men. To begin with, temporary barracks were built there for the “Standarte 4, ‘Ostmark’”, an SS Death’s Head regiment. This unit was trained in Ebelsberg and used to guard the Mauthausen concentration camp only 12 km away.

In January 1940 the first sections of the barracks were completed and were evidently mainly used as quarters for “re-settlers”. Contemporary witnesses report almost never seeing people in uniform in the Ebelsberg SS barracks and that from 1942 onwards there were no more guards. The inhabitants of the barracks were first and foremost the so-called “Bukovina Germans”, German-speaking immigrants from Bukovina, and other “re-settlers”.

From 1947 it was used as camp “Star of David” for Jewish Displaced Persons. The inhabitants ran training, cultural and social programmes to prepare for their emigration to Israel and other countries. In 1950 the camp “Star of David” was the last of the large camps in Linz for Jewish DPs to be closed.