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1942, Unionkreuzung

Together with other apprentices Eduard C. builds up a communist resistance cell within the German National Railway. It distributes anti-fascist leaflets and carries out acts of sabotage.

Together with other apprentices Eduard C. built up a communist youth organisation in Linz. The organisation was able to operate for a relatively long time without drawing the attention of the Gestapo because its members were members of the Hitler Youth or the Wehrmacht. The apprentices from Linz were in contact with young communists in Vienna and Salzburg and distributed anti-fascist leaflets or engaged in acts of sabotage.

From 1941 on, Eduard C. played a central role in building up the group. Regular meetings were held either in the Volksgarten [Park] or in Jägermayr’s inn. Their activities almost came to a standstill in 1942 when the almost exclusively male members were called up to the Wehrmacht. On the 12th of April 1943 C. was arrested whilst with his unit near Bordeaux and taken to the Wehrmacht remand prison in Berlin (Tegel). On the 20th of June 1944 C. and eight other apprentices from the railway repair workshop in Linz were charged with preparing acts of high treason, subversion of the Wehrmacht and giving aid to the enemy. C. and two of his comrades were sentenced to death but the sentence was commuted to 10 years in prison because of their youth.

Towards the end of the war they were employed digging trenches at the front and were taken prisoner by the French. After 10 months they were released.