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16th June 1938, Main Railway Station

Upper Austrian politicians and intellectuals who were opponents of the regime are brutally mistreated by SS guards and deported to Dachau.

The “Anschluss” was only a few hours old when the brutal persecution of political opponents began. In the first few days the Nazis took revenge on, above all, those with political power in the corporate state dictatorship. Thus amongst others provincial governor Heinrich Gleißner, Felix Kern and Peter Revertera-Salandra, members of the provincial government, Wilhelm Bock, mayor of Linz, and Alfred Maleta, director of the Linz Chamber of Labour were arrested. Alfred Maleta described his arrest and deportation to Dachau in his memoirs.

On the 16th of June 1938 some of the political prisoners in police detention in Mozartstraße were taken from their cells and driven in cars to the main railway station. When they arrived at the station they were herded together to wait for a “special” train from Vienna – the last of the three “Austrian transports” to Dachau. The whole time they were subjected to the violence of the accompanying SS guards. As Felix Kern describes, the torture continued in the carriage with ten to a compartment: “As soon as we got on the train the ordeal with the SS thugs began with the famous ‘tripping up’ so that many people fell down in front of the carriage door, thereafter it was the usual blows with rifle butts etc. We sat packed into the compartments. … Then came the order that we all had to sit with our hands on our knees and always look into the compartment light. Whoever took his eyes off it was beaten.” In Munich the political prisoners were transferred to cattle wagons and taken to Dachau.