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August 1938, 11 Stockbauerstraße

Hermann S. is a lawyer and was a member of the Social Democratic Party and district councillor until 1934. His villa is confiscated by the Gau (regional) authorities and sold to Johanna Eigruber, the wife of the Gauleiter (regional governor).

Hermann Schneeweiss had his lawyer’s practice in Spittelwiese street in Linz. In 1909 he married Clara Heymann, with whom he had three children; Ruth (1911), Walter (1917) and Hans Georg (1920). Schneeweiss was active in the executive committee of the Jewish community and from 1919 on was a district councillor for the Social Democratic Party. Together Clara and Hermann Schneeweiss purchased the house 11 Stockbauerstraße, on Gugl hill, in 1915.

Immediately after the Nazis invaded Austria, Schneeweiss was arrested and despite his age – he was at the time over 66 years-old – was incarcerated first in the police prison in Linz then in the concentration camps Dachau and Buchenwald. In the meantime the house was confiscated by the Oberdonau regional authority who was also the beneficiary.

On the 25th of August the villa in Stockbauerstraße was sold by the regional authority to the wife of the regional governor, Johanna Eigruber. Even though the regional authority re-purchased the property in 1940, the villa remained the governor’s official residence. He had new water pipes and central heating installed and built a “paddling pool” in the garden.

In 1939 the Schneeweiss family was able to flee to Australia. The sons Walter and Hans Georg still live there. The villa was returned to Hermann Schneeweiss’s brother and in 1953 it was sold. In 1999 it was demolished and a new building constructed on the site.