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1939, Rathaus [Town Hall]

Officials of the Voting and Population Registration Office compile a list of “racial Jews”. They provide the basis for the racist persecution of the Jewish citizens of Linz.

Numerous “desk-bound perpetrators” were involved in the expropriation, persecution and murder of Jewish citizens. They contributed to the registration of the Jewish inhabitants of Linz, organised the “Aryanisation” of their property and worked out the train schedules that took them to the extermination camps.

The Voting and Population Registration Office of Linz carried out a census in 1939 in which the religion of the parents had to be used in order to determine one’s “race”. The head of department, the SA leader Josef P., bragged in his annual report for 1939 about his achievements with regard to the “registration of Jews”: “It was under the most difficult of conditions that the list of racial Jews had to be compiled. The population of Austria had never been registered according to race, only Confession. Confessional Jews were known. But those Jews who had had themselves baptised in good time were Christians. Here the Jews helped us enthusiastically because they came and, ‘loyal’ as they are, they gave away who was ‘baptised’ and who had ‘Jewish origins’."

The author of these lines was removed from his post in 1945 because he had been an early member of the NSDAP and the SA but by 1948 was again employed by the City of Linz municipal authorities.