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25.9.1944, 7 Klammstraße

Camilla E. helps prisoners of war with food and clothing. She disseminates prophesies about the impending end of the Third Reich. An anonymous report leads to her arrest and execution.

Camilla Estermann was born on the 23rd of January 1881 in Linz as the daughter of a butcher. Trained as a seamstress, she was very religious and spent almost 10 years of her life in a convent in Ried im Innkreis. Thereafter she became a member of the “Third Order of St. Francis”, a religious order whose members pledge themselves to prayer and charity work without leading the reclusive life of a convent.

During the Nazi era Estermann worked for a clothing company in Linz that also “employed” French prisoners of war. The committed Christian tried to help the forced labourers in accordance with her principles and slipped them food and articles of clothing. In addition she disseminated “prophesies” that predicted military defeat and the end of the Third Reich.

On the basis of an anonymous report Camilla Estermann was arrested on the 25th of September 1944 by the Gestapo and imprisoned in the Linz Urfahr jail. She was sentenced to death for opposition to the war, but mainly for subverting the armed forces by disseminating the prophesies. The panel of judges handing down the sentence included Franz Langoth, the incumbent mayor of Linz. The sentence was carried out in the district court in Vienna on the 21st of November 1944.