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18.3.1938, 7 Bischofstraße

Lawyer Karl Schwager, Chairman of the Jewish Community, is arrested shortly after the “Anschluss”. He is released on condition that he leaves the country. In 1939 he emigrates to Palestine.

During his secondary school years Karl Schwager took an important role in building up the Linz district Jewish youth group “Blau-Weiß”. His studies were interrupted by the First World War in which he was wounded and highly decorated. Thereafter he finished his legal studies and became editor of the Zionist newspaper “Jüdische Nachrichten”.

In 1921 he put his enthusiasm for Zionism into practice and emigrated to Palestine where he joined a kibbutz. He married Vally Grundwald there and, because of the dangers of malaria, returned with her to Linz in 1930. He continued with his practical court training and opened his own office located at 21 Graben in 1937. In 1936 he was made President of the Jewish Community of Linz by unanimous vote. In this position Karl Schwager was immediately subject to threats, intimidation, house searches and confiscations after the Nazis invaded.

Schwager was amongst the first wave of those arrested and while he was imprisoned his wife was “invited to leave” her home. Around mid-May Schwager was released on condition that he immediately leave the country “voluntarily” and never return on pain of being sent to Dachau. The Schwager family lived for a number of weeks with another Jewish family in Linz and was able to emigrate to Palestine in 1939. Karl Schwager died in 1980 in Israel.