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1914 – 1933, 3 Bischofstraße

It is here that Adolf Eichmann spends his childhood. During the Nazi regime he organises the deportation of the Jewish population. He carries part of the responsibility for the murder of around 6 million people.

In 1914 Maria Eichmann moved to Linz from Solingen in Nordrhein-Westfalen with her children. Her husband, Adolf Karl Eichmann, was already living here and it is here that Adolf Eichmann, who was born in 1906, grew up. He attended the Kaiser Franz Josef Secondary School and joined the Youth Group “Wandervogel”.

Having been influenced by the strong German nationalist movement in Linz he joined the NSDAP on the 1st of April 1932 and the SS shortly thereafter. After the NSDAP was banned in Austria in 1933, Eichmann fled to Germany where he was given responsibility for “Jewish affairs” in the SD-Sicherheitsdienst [security service of the SS]. In 1938 he returned to Austria and, together with his deputy Alois Brunner, built up the Central Office for Jewish Emigration in Vienna which served to rapidly drive out the Jews, having stolen their property beforehand.

In 1940 Eichmann, who asserted he had never been an anti-Semite, was made head of the department of the Reich Central Security Office responsible for organising the expulsion and deportation of Jews. This made him a typical “brains behind the scenes” offender and central to the murder of 6 million Jews in Nazi-occupied countries. Eichmann acted as recording secretary at the Wannsee Conference in 1942 where the “final solution to the Jewish question” was decided.

In 1960 Eichmann was arrested in Buenos Aires and taken to Israel. In 1961 he was tried there and sentenced to death. The sentence was carried out in 1962.