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April 1945, Ursulinenhof

Stefanie L., paramedic aide for the Wehrmacht, is waiting in the Ursulinenhof Wehrmacht prison for her trial for being absent without leave. She is sentenced to 6 months in prison.

In 1938 most of the Ursuline Convent was seized, the cells in the tract used for spiritual retreat were remodelled into prison cells. The windows were bricked up except from a small slit with iron bars. The resulting prison contained mainly members of the Wehrmacht.

However, there were also political prisoners such as Margarete S., who had thrown a pair of woollen socks from the convent window to a Fench prisoner of war. Many of the members of the armed forces who were locked up here were sentenced to long prison sentences or death.

Franz Jägerstätter was also incarcerated here for some time because of his refusal to do military service. Stefanie L., an 18 year-old Wehrmacht paramedic aide from Linz, was imprisoned for being absent without leave and “theft from comrades”. In the final months of the war it was not only male youths of the “Volkssturm” that were sent to the front, young women were also conscripted. They worked as paramedic aides, in communications but also in anti-aircraft batteries. On the 28th of April, one week before the liberation, the sentence on Stefanie L. was commuted and she was released “until further notice”.