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April 1945, 8 Marienstraße

Anton A. is departmental head of the city administration and criticises the execution of two female “Eastern workers” for the theft of milk as being inhuman. He is sentenced to death and shot.

Until 1934 Anton Anreiter was a social democrat who then joined the Vaterländische Front [Patriotic Front (Austro-fascist)] and after the “Anschluss” became a member of the Nationalsozialistische Volkswohlfahrt [National Socialist People’s Welfare]. His application to join the NSDAP was rejected. In autumn of 1938 he retired at his own request but was re-employed at the beginning of the war. He was head of a centre for issuing food ration cards, part of the Ernährungsamt [Linz Food Office].

According to the indictment, he had drawn attention to himself as a recidivist “criticaster and grumbler and as an opponent of the National Socialist regime”. Towards the end of the war he openly criticised the policies of the Nazi rulers. He called the execution of two female “Eastern workers” for milk theft inhuman and blamed the Nazis for the fact that “Linz is a heap of rubble”. At the end of April 1945 he expressed the opinion that there would soon be an armistice, a new government and a free Austria. Then all Nazis would be hanged.

This led to his trial before a court martial on the 1st of May 1945. Anreiter was sentenced to death and the sentence was carried out on the same day, a few days before Linz was liberated.