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15.3.1938, 30 Graben

In a newspaper announcement dental technician Heinrich S. contradicts the accusation that he is a Jew. After the “Anschluss” many businessmen like him make public declarations that their enterprises are “Aryan”.

The days after the “Anschluss” are marked by the disorganised plundering of Jewish businesses and arbitrary violence to their owners. Many Nazis make use of the mood to enrich themselves with Jewish property.

In this period of escalating violence, many business people in Linz consider it important to demonstrate their Nazi sympathy or announce that their business is “pure Aryan”. This can be seen in countless newspaper adverts: “The greeting used here is ‘Heil Hitler’”, “party comrades buy at …”, “Aryan shop”, etc. As one of many business people in Linz, Heinrich S. placed his announcement in a daily newspaper in order “to prevent misunderstandings that might be caused by the name and to state that he is able to prove his German-Aryan origins … at any time”. In addition he has long been a member of the NSDAP. He will take severe measures against anyone who alleges he is a Jew.