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15.3.1938, Corner of Hauptplatz/Schmidtorgasse

The Kraus & Schober department store is attacked in Nazi propaganda as a symbol of “Jewish profiteering”. It is “Aryanised” for the benefit of the NSDAP. The previous owner commits suicide in Dachau concentration camp.

The department store was regarded by the Nazis as a symbol of “Jewish” capitalism and the supression of “good”, “German” craftsmanship and business practices by large-scale, “profit hungry”, “Jewish” department stores.

The Kraus & Schober department store was the largest and most modern in Linz and for this reason was attacked by the Nazis a number of times even before 1938. The owners were insulted time and time again, especially in the “Österreichischen Beobachter” newspaper, and customers were threatened with having their names made public.

As early as the 15th of March 1938 it was announced at the entrance of the shop that, “Jews have been removed from the Kraus and Schober company of Linz and it has been converted into a Nazi work group.” With that the NSDAP had complete control of all assets and the main portion of the revenues. The former owner of the department store, Walter Schwarz, was deported to Dachau and committed suicide there on the 1st of September 1938.