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1944, Landhaus [Provincial Government Building]

Elmira Koref unsuccessfully applies to Gauleiter Eigruber to have her imprisoned husband released. Ernst Koref is appointed mayor by the American occupying forces on the 7th of May 1945.

Ernst Koref, a teacher and social democrat member of parliament was arrested along with many other opposition figures after the assassination attempt on Hitler’s life on the 20th of July 1944. He was locked up in the police prison on Mozartstraße. Along with a friend whose husband had also been imprisoned, his wife, Elmira Koref, tried to make an appointment with Gauleiter Eigruber. Both women were turned away from his office. Coincidentally they met the Gauleiter on their way out of the regional parliament building. Elmira Koref plucked up enough courage to tell him that her husband had done nothing against the Third Reich. Eigruber simply informed her that Koref’s transfer to Dachau had already been ordered.

Nevertheless, on the 14th of September Koref was actually released having had to deposit a sworn oath with the Gestapo stating that he would not become politically active against the Third Reich. His acquaintance with the incumbent mayor, Langoth, probably facilitated his release. From fear of persecution – he was a well-known social democrat – Koref avoided almost all political activity during the Nazi era. After the liberation he was appointed mayor of Linz by the American military authorities.