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21.5.1938, 12 Altstadt

Hans A. attends the second year class in the primary school in Kleinmünchen. In May he has to go to the newly opened “Jewish School” in the old town. It is closed following the November pogrom.

In the months following the “Anschluss” one of the priority aims of the Nazis was ousting Jews from public life. Jewish children and young people were first separated from their “Aryan” schoolfellows and at the end of May expelled from the schools completely. This was also the fate of so-called “half-Jews”.

In May 1938 the Jewish community initiated a two-class school for Jewish children for which they also had to accept the financial responsibility. Initially 18 children attended the “Jewish School”. During the summer holidays the building was occupied by reservists who remained there until October. This meant the term had to be postponed for one month. When school restarted in the autumn of 1938, some of the former pupils were missing because their families had already left Linz. New pupils came from the secondary schools having been expelled from them in autumn 1938. At the beginning of the school year there were 24 pupils at the “school for Jews” but during the month of October seven of them left Linz with their families. As a result of the November pogrom the “Jewish School” was disbanded on the 17th of November.